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News & Events

Dr. Acioli earns Northeastern research professor award
Acioli Professor of Physics Paulo Acioli has been honored with Northeastern Illinois Universitys 2018 Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor award. Bernard J. Brommel, Professor Emeritus of Communication, Media and Theatre, established the award to be given annually to the tenured or tenure-track member of the Northeastern faculty who best demonstrates excellence in research and scholarship. link .

Dr. Orin Harris and Three Students Visit SNOLAB
SNOLAB SNOLAB Northeastern Illinois University Assistant Professor of Physics Orin Harris, and three of his students, Karl Amjad-Ali, Patrick Dowdle, and Sam Pate, attended a collboration meeting at SNOLAB. SNOLAB is a research lab 2 miles underground in Canada that is focused in the direct detection of dark matter. For more information about SNOLAB and Dark Matter research visit Dr. Harris's webpage in the following link .

This vist was made possible through the financial support provided by the NEIU Physics Foundation and the College of Arts and Sciences Indirect Funds.
Undergaduate Student Posts Videos of The Tocal Solar Eclipse on Facebook
SNOLAB Northeastern Illinois University Undergraduate Student Brian Urban posted videos of the Aug. 21, 2017 total solar eclipse from Chester IL. To check the postings visit the NEIU Physics Facebook page.

Paulo Acioli Published in Journal of Physical Chemistry C
NSF Northeastern Illinois University Physics Professor and Department Chair Paulo Acioli published in collaboration with his Argonne National Laboratory Collaborator Julius Jellinek a new article "Theoretical Analysis of Photoelectron Spectra of Pure and Mixed Metal Clusters: Disentangling Size, Structure and Composition Effects" in the prestigious Journal of Physical Chemistry C. In this article Acioli and Jellinek propose a new method to analyze experimental photo-electron spectra using state of the art density functional theory computations. In this analysis they were able to explain the remarkable difference in spectra on atomic clusters that differ by a single atom in terms of size, structure and composition effects. This methodology, together with advances in synthesis techniques, will become an indispensable computation-based aid in the design of controlled synthesis protocols for manufacture of nanosystems and nanodevices with precisely desired electronic properties and characteristics.
The full article can be found online at the Journal's website .
NSF-IUSE Peer Enhanced Experiential Research in STEM (PEERS) Project
NSF The PEERS project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) program is a collaborative project involving the departments of Physics, Earth Science, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics at NEIU to increase student engagement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The PEERS project seeks to advance the research skills of undergraduate majors through the inclusion of hands-on research activities, expansion of computer simulations, and most importantly, through the use of peer mentors to facilitate these activities, in the introductory courses in Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. The project involves Professors Paulo Acioli (Principal Investigator, Physics), Elisabet Head (Earth Science), Joseph Hibdon (Math), Ken Nicholson (Chemistry), Sudha Srinivas (Physics), Rachel Trana (Computer Science), Lidia Filus(Mathematics), and Marcelo Sztainberg (Computer Science). More information about the project can be found here.
Lunar Eclipse Viewing on September 27, 2015
The NEIU Chapter of the Society of Physics Students together with Faculty from Physics hosted a viewing party of the supermoon eclipse on September 27, 2015 on the top floor of the Main Campus parking garage. Additional pictures can be found in the NEIU Physics facebook page.
Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse
Bilguun Woods (Bill) and Paulo Acioli Published in Procedia of Computer Science
Bilguun Woods (May 2015 Graduate) and Paulo Acioli published the results of their summer research project in Procedia of Computer Science. The results were also presented in the 2015 International conference on Computer Science.
The paper can be downloaded from the Journal's website .
Cesar Bustos received a LSAMP award and was accepted to Northwestern REU
Cesar Bustos has been selected for a Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at Northwestern University. He will spend this summer working on an astronomy-based interdisciplinary research project.
Cesar also won an award for his presentation at the LSAMP undergraduate research conference held Tinley Park, IL this past weekend, where he presented his work on the study of the interaction of silver clusters with carbon monoxide.
Congratulations to Cesar on these accomplishments!
Dr. Srinivas promoted to the rank of Professor and recipient of a Teaching Professional/Resource Professional Excellence Award for 2012-2013.
Sudha Srinivas Congratulations to Dr. Sudha Srinivas for her promotion to the rank of professor and Teaching Professional/Resource Professional Award.
Dr. Acioli has received a SCSE award to conduct research in Summer 2014.
Paulo Acioli Congratulations to Dr. Paulo Acioli being awarded a Student Center for Science Engagement (SCSE) summer research grant entitled MOLECULAR DYNAMICS STUDY OF THE REACTION OF CARBON MONOXIDE WITH SMALL SILVER CLUSTERS. This proposal includes the following physics majors: Cesar Bustos, David Capota, John Gonzalez, and Bilguun Woods.
Dr. Dolan awarded a Teaching Professional/Resource Professional Award
Paul Dolan Congratulations to Dr. Paul Dolan for his Teaching Professional/Resource Professional Award for the Accomplishments in 2011-2012.
Article Featured on the Cover of The European Physics Journal D
US Dept of Ed The article entitled An exploration of the potential energy surface of the seven atom silver cluster and a carbon monoxide ligand" by Paulo H. Acioli , Steve Burkland, and Sudha Srinivas was featured on the cover of the August 2012 issue of the European Physics Journal D.
Dr. Anderson Promoted to the rank of Professor
Greg Anderson Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Anderson for his promotion to the rank of professor.
New SPS Officers Elected for 2013-2014
SPS The NEIU Chapter of the Society of Physics Students has elected new officers. Congratulations to President Bryan Loeding, Vice President Tom McLaughlin, Treasurer Max Hansen, and Secretary Caroline Williams.
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