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Physics Major
Prior to Spring 2012

Required core courses

PHYS-206 * Physics with Calculus I  3 cr.
PHYS-203 Physics I Laboratory 1 cr.
PHYS-207 * Physics with Calculus II   3 cr.
PHYS-204 Physics I Laboratory 1 cr.
PHYS-215 Physics III4 cr.
PHYS-308 Introductory Mathematical Physics  3 cr.
PHYS-330 Intermediate Physics Lab3 cr.

Any four of the following: 12-13 cr.

PHYS-309  Numerical Analysis for Scientists 3 cr.
PHYS-311 Mechanics I 3 cr.
PHYS-321 Electricity and Magnetism I 3 cr.
PHYS-336 Modern Physics I 3 cr.
A 300-level Physics elective 3-4 cr.

Any two of the following: 8 cr.

PHYS-331 Optics4 cr.
PHYS-332 Electronics4 cr.
PHYS-365 Microprocessor Electronics4 cr.
PHYS-367 Transducer and Special Purpose Electronics4 cr.
PHYS-369 Instrumentation Electronics4 cr.
Total 38-39 cr.

Please note that 15 or more credits from the above must be taken at Northeastern.

Required Courses in Related Field:

CHEM-211General Chemistry I5 cr.
CHEM-212General Chemistry II4 cr.
MATH-106Pre-Calculus Mathematics4 cr.
MATH-107Calculus I 4 cr.
MATH-202Calculus II 4 cr.
MATH-203Calculus III 4cr.
MATH-301Ordinary Differential Equations3 cr.
Total 28 cr.

* An equivalent course may be substituted

Other University Requirements:

Every Schedule of Classes lists the University requirements for graduation. Please contact the program advisor if you have any questions on these requirements.

Transfer credit information:

Physics courses taken from other institutions inside the U.S. usually transfer with no problem. We will need to see a catalog description, syllabus and the name of the textbook used for any course taken at another institution and any Physics courses taken at institutions outside the U.S.

The College of Arts and Sciences has a rule that states only 9 hours of Physics transfer credits can be applied towards an Physics minor. Remember that the University requires a grade of C or better in any course applied toward the major or minor.

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