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Tutoring Opportunities


The tutoring system at NEIU is an tremendous experience both for the students receiving tutoring and for the students who are given the opportunity to tutor. There is a wealth of education research which demonstrates that students who are given the opportunity to tutor/teach benefit greatly from this experience. We learn the most about a subject when we explain it to others.

For this reason, the tutoring system here serves two goals. A mission to provide quality tutoring to NEIU students as well as providing our students/tutors with the benefits of cognitive rehearsal.


A limited number of physics tutoring positions can be offered to qualified NEIU physics students. Tutors will be selected by the on the basis of several criteria including but not limited to: performance in physics courses and an ability to interact positively and productively with others. To best serve all our students, consideration is made to share this opportunity broadly with qualified students. Students interested in tutoring opportunities should contact the Physics Coordinator.

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