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PHYS 203 - Physics I Laboratory

Equipment List

Equipment listed is for each of eight (8) identical student table stations unless otherwise noted .

Lab 1: Introduction to Motion

Note 1:  Move center tables behind cabinets at the back of the room to create free space in the middle of the room.
Note 2:  Test AA batteries beforehand to make sure they'll hold up for several classes.

Lab 2: Changing Motion

PHYS 203 Lab 2

Lab 3: Force and Motion (RTP-Mechanics 3)

PHYS 203 Lab 3

Lab 4: Combining Forces

Lab 5: Gravitational Forces

PHYS 203 Lab 5 Note 1:  Balls are in the "toy box" and cabinet. ML-3.

Lab 6: Passive Forces

Lab 7: Work and Energy

Note 1:  Set out a few 1 Kg hangers and separate 1 Kg masses

Lab 8: Conservation of Energy

Lab 9: Newton's Third Law and Conservation of Momentum

Lab 10: Standing and Resonance Waves

Lab 10 Note 1:   This is a complicated set-up; there are more pictures to look at.
Note 2:   Set the 'fork' of the mechanical vibrator about 26cm away from the hook holding the end of the string. This maximizes the oscillation amplitude.
Note 3:   Use only the newer (blue-faced) Pasco function generators
more pictures

Lab 11, Ideal Gas Laws

Lab 11: The Ideal Gas Laws

Note 1:  For early morning classes, get ice the evening before & put it in the fridge (with a note to on the instructor's desk or email).
Note 2:  One manometer setup on center table for demonstration, use tygon tubing. Find a length of tubing that will almost go to the floor. The one-hole stopper with tygon tubing adapter should fit the neck of the balloon nicely. Stopper the other end of the tube with stopcock. Add dark food coloring to the water that goes into the tube.
Note 3:  Chemistry Dept has a small ice maker/freezer on 2nd floor, with small styrofoam containers to lend for a few days.
Note 4:  Set up the Kinetic Theory of Gas Demonstrator - little ball bearings in a chamber driven by the Pasco vibrator & function generator.

Lab 12: Energy Transfer and Temperature Change

Lab 10 Note 1:  Bring out Corn Oil, set on paper towels.
Note 2:  Put out 2 spare immersion heaters on instructor's bench.

Lab 13: First Law of Thermodynamics

Note 1:  Chemistry Dept has a small ice maker/freezer in their 2nd floor Prep Room, with small styrofoam containers to lend for a few days.
Note 2:  Put out some out paper towels to dry the ice with.
Note 3:  Put out a few balance scales.

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