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2003 News & Events

NEIU participates at AAPT
Gloria Rivera named AMP scholar
Physics major Gloria Rivera has been named an AMP scholar. She will be working on AC Conductivity in Metals ("Anomalous Skin Effect").
Scanning Probe Microscopy
On Wednesday Evening, Sept. 24, 2003, a group of NEIU students and faculty, as well as faculty from Wright College, gathered for the first SPS 'Physics on Wednesday Evenings' talk of the year, "Scanning Probe Microscopy: Look ma', I can 'see' Individual Atoms", given by Prof. Paul Dolan and NEIU alumnus Devin Chatterji. Prof. Dolan discussed the basics of Scanning Probe Microscopy, in its many forms, and Devin wowed the audience with live images of graphite, showing the positions of individual atoms, using NEIU's NanoSurf STM.
Science Fair Central
NEIU is hosting science fair central workshops Sept 20,27 & Oct. 11
New faculty member and Coordinator
Dr. Greg Anderson joined our physics faculty this fall as an Associate Professor and Physics Coordinator. Dr. Anderson served on the faculty at Northwestern for six years, and has held research appointments at Fermilab and MIT.
May 15, 2003.With sadness we note the passing of Dr. Bill Conway
Please visit the on-line guest book for Prof. Conway.
May 10, 2003. With sadness we note the passing of Prof. Emeritus Robert L. Gilbert
Please visit the on-line guest book for Prof. Gilbert.
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