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Service & Outreach

Our faculty are actively involved in a large number of service and outreach programs. A few of these are listed below.

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)
The AAPT was established in 1930 with the fundamental goal of ensuring the dissemination of knowledge of physics, particularly by way of teaching.
ISPP (Illinois State Physics Project)
ISPP os a loose organization of High School, College, and University Physics Teachers in the Chicago Area who meet once a month at a host school to discuss teaching methods, lecture demonstrations and teaching techniques, and anything of interest in the area of Physics.
MSTQE (Middle School Teacher Quality Enhancement)
Northeastern Illinois University, Truman College and Wright College have designed a pilot program in mathematics and science for students in elementary education who seek an endorsement to teach mathematics at the middle school level.
Science Fair Central
Science Fair Central was created in 1995 through the cooperation of CPS and NEIU faculty with the goal of assisting students & teachers in the CPS in selecting and performing their science fair projects. Each year NEIU hosts up to 400 on-site participants, several dozen students & teachers who communicate with member(s) of the staff regarding details of the various projects, and up to (about) a dozen students each year who do their science fair experiments with the direct supervision of a member of the NEIU SFC staff (NEIU faculty/staff/students). Those students who attend SFC, and in particular those who consult or work with NEIU faculty staff perform exceptionally well in the various stages of Science Fair, including being winners at the school, regional, city, state, and even international, levels. These students win various prizes & scholarships as a result of their participation in Science Fair.
Society of Physics Students
The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a professional association explicitly designed for students. Membership, through collegiate chapters, is open to anyone interested in physics. The only requirement for membership is that you be interested in physics. Besides physics majors, our members include majors in chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, mathematics, medicine, and other fields. Within the SPS, Sigma Pi Sigma, a nationally recognized scholastic honor society, elects members on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. This two-in-one Society operates within the American Institute of Physics (AIP).
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