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Beowulf Quick Start Page

Visit the LAM-MPI site for more information and tutorials

A typical Beowulf session looks like this:

  1. login to the system as lamuser
  2. cd to your personal or project directory
  3. use your favorite editor to develop code in C, C++, or FORTRAN
  4. compile your code using mpicc, mpif77, or mpiCC (see below)
  5. when your code is ready to execute, start the LAM parallel environment with the lamstart command.
    note: lamstart is needed only once per session; you don't need to lamstart before every mpirun.
  6. run your program using the mpirun command (see below)
  7. when you're finished, use the wipe command to shut down the parallel environment.
  8. log off.

lamuser Home Directory Contents

Basic Commands:

lamstart starts the parallel processing environment
mpirun -v C -s n0 progname runs the progam progname
wipe shuts down the parallel processing environment
mpicc sourcefile compile C sourcefile using mpi libraries
mpif77 sourcefile compile FORTRAN sourcefile using mpi libraries
mpiCC sourcefile compile C++ sourcefile using mpi libraries