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NEIU's Beowulf Supercomputer

What is a Beowulf Supercomputer?
A Beowulf supercomputer is a high performance, massively parallel computer built by clustering commodity hardware components. Beowulf cluster system provide high speed parallel computation at a relatively low cost. For more information on Beowulf clusters consult this link. Clustered

NEIU has developed a commodity-based cluster system for use in undergraduate research. In Phase I, NEIU has taken the economy of a commodity based approach one step further: Unlike old wine in a new bottles, we are bulding a sixteen node Beowulf cluster from slightly dated machines providing our students access to high performance supercomputer at practically zero cost.

What Software does it run
The NEIU Beowulf cluster runs on the GNU/Linux operating system.
Who was Beowul?
“ Famed was this Beowulf: far flew the boast of him, son of Scyld, in the Scandian lands. So becomes it a youth to quit him well with his father's friends, by fee and gift, that to aid him, aged, in after days, come warriors willing, should war draw nigh, liegemen loyal: by lauded deeds shall an earl have honor in every clan. ” -- Beowulf circ. 1000 century A.D.
Getting Started
A quick guide to getting started on NEIU's Beowulf supercomputer
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