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index.html: Physics & Astronomy @ NEIU: Home
Physics and Astronomy Home Page
contact.html: Contact Information
Contact Information
location.html: Location
Our Location: How to Find Us
sps.html: NEIU: Society of Physics Students
NEIU Society of Physics Students

alumni/: Alumni
alumni/index.html: Index of Alumni Pages
NEIU Physics: Alumni Information and Survey's
alumni/alumni.html: Alumni Pages
NEIU Physics: Alumni Information and Survey's
alumni/survey.html: Alumni Survey
NEIU Physics: Alumni Information and Survey's

courses/: Directory
index.html: Courses
Index of Course Related Web Pages
course_descriptions.html: Physics & Astronomy Course Catalog
Descriptions of Physics and Astronomy Courses
course_web_pages.html: Courses with Web Pages
Web Pages for Particular Classes
fall_03.html: Fall 2003 Course Offerings
Class Schedule for Fall 2003
fall_04.html: Fall 2004 Course Offerings
Class Schedule for Fall 2004
four_year_plan.html: NEIU Physics: four year course plan
NEIU Physics four year plan
spring_04.html: Spring 2004 Course Offerings
Class Schedule Spring 2004
schedule.html: Course Schedule
Current Class Schedule
spring_05.html: Spring 2005 Course Offerings
Class Schedule Spring 2005
summer_03.html: Summer 2003 Course Offerings
Class Schedule Summer 2003
summer_04.html: Summer 2004 Course Offerings
Class Schedule Summer 2004
tutoring.html: Tutoring Schedule: Physics & Astronomy
Hours for physics tutors in the learning center.

degree_programs/: Directory
index.html: Degree Programs
NEIU Physics & Astronomy Degree Programs: Majors, Minors, Advising, ...
advising.html: Physics Major Advising
Physics Major Program and Requirements.
major.html: NEIU Physics Major
Physics Minor Program and Requirements.
minor.html: NEIU Physics Minor
Physics Major Advising at NEIU
scholarships.html: Scholarships and Financial Aid
Information about Scholarships and Financial Aid
tutoring.html: Tutoring Opportunities
Tutoring Opportunities for Physics Majors and Minors

demos/: Directory
demos/index.html: NEIU Physics & Astronomy Demonstrations
Index of Physics and Astronomy Demonstrations
demos/astro.html: Astronomy Demonstrations
Astronomy Demonstrations
demos/demonstration_links.html: Physics & Astronomy Demonstration Links
Physics and Astronomy Demonstrations
demos/em.html: NEIU Electricity & Magnetism Demonstrations
Electricity and Magnetism Demonstrations
demos/fluids.html: Fluids & Gasses Demonstrations
Gas and Fluid Demonstrations
demos/mechanics.html: NEIU Mechanics Demonstrations
Mechanics Demonstrations
demos/misc.html: Demonstrations Equipment
Demonstration Equipment
demos/modern.html: Modern Physics Demonstrations
Modern Physics Demonstrations
demos/optics.html: Optics Demonstrations
Optics Demonstrations
demos/thermo.html: Thermodynamics Demonstrations
Thermodynamics Demonstrations
demos/waves.html: NEIU Waves & Oscillations Demonstrations
Oscillations and Waves Demonstrations

facilities/: Facilities
index.html: Index of Physics Facilities
Listing of Physics Department Spaces and Equipment
lab_usage.html: Lab Usage
Lab Usage and Occupancy
rooms.html: Room Numbers
List of Physics Department Spaces
safety.html: Safety Information
Safety Information
shop.html: Machine Shop
Science Machine Shop

outreach/: Service & Outreach Directory
outreach/index.html: NEIU: Physics & Astronomy: Service & Outreach
Index of Service and Outreach
outreach/sfc.html: NEIU: Science Fair Central
NEIU Science Fair Central
outreach/mstqe.html: MSTQE
Middle School Teacher Quality Enhancement

people/: Directory
people/index.html: People
Index of Faculty and Staff
people/anderson.html: G. Anderson
Physics Coordinator Greg Anderson
people/delzenero.html: R. Delzenero
Faculty and Staff
people/dolan.html: P. Dolan
Professor Paul Dolan
people/ekman.html: K. Ekman
Kate Ekman
people/gulkarov.html: I. Gulkarov
Visiting Lecturer Ilia Gulkarov
people/khalili.html: M. Khalili
Visiting Lecturer Mahmoud Khalili
people/kotche.html: M. Kotche
Instructor Miiri Kotche
people/skrabacz.html: F. Skrabacz
Francis Skrabacz
people/stehman.html: R. Stehman
Professor Robert Stehman

reference/: Directory
reference/index.html: Online Reference Materials
Reference Index
reference/glossary.html: Physics & Astronomy Glossary
Physics and Astronomy Glossary
reference/periodic.html: Periodic
Periodic Table

research/: Directory
research/index.html: NEIU: Physics & Astronomy: Research
NEIU Physics Research Index
research/beowulf.html: Research: Supercomputing
NEIU's Beowulf Supercomputer
research/stm.html: NEIU: Physics & Astronomy: STM
NEIU Physics: Scanning Tunneling Microscope
research/assessment/: Educational Assessment
NEIU Physics: Assessment

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Search Our Site

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vpl/: Directory: Virtual Physics Lab