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Physics III

Course Description
Introduction to the physics of the twentieth century, including applications to related fields such as biology, chemistry, earth science, and engineering. Fundamental concepts of special relativity, quantum mechanics, and statistical physics as applied to atomic, molecular, nuclear and solid state physics. Prereq.: PHYS-202 or PHYS-207. See also the department course description. 4.0 Credits.
Required Textbook
Textbook Cover
Modern Physics, by Tipler & Llewellyn, Fifth edition, W.H. Freeman.
Other Useful References:
SEC 31, MW at 7:05 PM - 8:45 PM, in SCI-211.
Problem Sets
Weekly problem sets are assigned here. Problem Sets should be completed by the following week. On weeks where there is no quiz, homework will be collected on Wednesday, and a random selection of problems will be graded. Problem set assignments can be found here.
Short quizzes may be administered during class. Quizzes will be given every week, with the exception of the first week of class and weeks where there is a midterm, and weeks where homework is collected. Quizzes are based on the previous week's problem set and material from the previous weeks lecture. The two lowest quiz/homework grades will be dropped. Missed quizzes are counted as zero. There will be no quiz make-ups.
This course has two one-hour midterm exams and a two-hour final. The exams are largely based on material from lectures and problems similar to those found in the weekly assignments. Exam policies can be found here. The final exam is cumulative.
The final grade will be based on:
Two midterms (1/5) + (1/5) + Homework, Quizzes (1/5) + Final (2/5)

Any student who achieves a percentile score of above 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% is guaranteed to receive an A, B, C, or D respectively. These percentile scores may be adjusted downwards based on a class curve and other considerations.

Office Hours
Posted here and by appointment in room S217D SCI.
Academic Integrity
The NEIU policy on academic integrity can be found here.
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