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``Naturalness, Supersymmetry and Expectations for Run II''
CDF Run II Workshop, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Dec. 1,2000.
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``Naturalness and New Physics Expectations for a Linear Collider''
LCWS 2000, the 2000 Linear Collider Workshop, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Oct 24-28, 2000.
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``Fermion Masses and Mixing Angles in E6''
SUSY2k, 8th International Conference on Supersymmetries in Physics CERN Geneva, June 26 - July 1, 2000.
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``Tools for E6 Model building''
Argonne Theoretical Institute on SUSY and Higgs, May 10, 2000.
PHENO2000, University of Wisconsin, Madison April 17-19, 2000.
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``Naturalness issues for physics beyond the standard model and cosmology''
Seminar at Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, April 12, 2000.
``Building Models of Fermion Masses and Mixings in E6''
SILAFAE III. The Third Latin American Symposium on High Energy Physics, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, April 2-8, 2000.
``Naturalness Principles in Theoretical Physics.''
Physics Colloquia at Illinois Institute of Technology, December 1999.
``Naturalness Principles: Weak-scale supersymmetry and VAMPS - novel SUSY dark matter.''
Tevatron University, Fermilab, November 11. 1999.
``Physics possibilities for a high energy muon collider.''
``HEMC'99'' Sept. 1999, Montauk.
``Naturalness Principles in Physics.''
Physics Colloquium Iowa State University, April 1999.
``VAMPS Variable Mass Dark Matter.''
PHENO99 Symposium, University of Wisconsin, Madison April 12-14, 1999.
``Implications of non-universal gaugino masses for Tevatron SUSY searches
Fermilab Run II SUSY/Higgs Workshop, Nov 19-21 1998.
``Weak Scale Supersymmetry.''
Fermilab Colloquium June 11, 1997.
``Report of the VLHC Supersymmetry Working Group.''
Fermilab Very Large Hadron Collider Physics and Detector Workshop, March 15, 1997.
``Supersymmetry and challenging physics beyond the standard model.''
Northwestern University March 6, 1997.
``The Status of Supersymmetric Phenomenology.''
Fermilab TeV33 Workshop May 10, 1996.
``Challenging Supersymmetry at Colliders.''
SUSY-96 (May 31, 1996), University of Chicago (May 22, 1996), Argonne National Lab (March 18, 1996), University of Indiana (Feb. 26, 1996), UCLA (Dec. 12, 1995), UCSB ITP workshop on supersymmetry and grand unification (Dec. 9, 1995), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Dec. 7, 1995), Stanford Linear Accelerator (Dec. 6, 1995), U.C. Davis (Dec. 5, 1995), Purdue University (Nov. 14, 1995), Wakulla Springs Conference on Supersymmetry (Nov. 11, 1995), Florida State University (Nov. 9, 1995), Fermilab joint theory and experimental seminar (Oct. 13, 1995).
``Naturalness and superpartner masses.''
U. Michigan (Oct. 20, 1995), U. Illinois (Oct. 2, 1995), CDF Exotica working group (Sept. 1995), Harvard University (March 1995), U. Penn. (March 1995).
``Measures of Fine Tuning.''
Boston University (Nov. 1994), MIT (Oct. 94), Aspen workshop on supersymmetry (Aug. 1994).
``Fermion mass and mixing angles predictions in SO(10).''
Northeastern U. (Jan. 1994), MIT (Nov. 1993), Aspen summer workshop on physics at the TeV scale (Aug. 1993), U. Washington (June 1993), U. Oregon (June 1993), UCLA (May 1993), Cal Tech (May 1993), UCSD (May 1993).
``Precise Predictions for mt, Vcb and tanbeta .''
Ohio State University (Oct. 1993).
``Collapsing Sub-Critical Bubbles.''
Remarks on the Electroweak Phase Transition given at the Texas-Yale workshop on baryon number violation (March 1992).
``The Electroweak Phase Transition and Baryogenesis.''
Boston University (Dec. 1991), Argonne National Lab. (Nov. 1991), Ohio State University (Oct. 1991), U.C. Berkeley (July 1991).
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