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Physics II Seminar

PHYS-212, 1 cr.

Course Description
PHYS-212 is an enrichment seminar accompanying Physics II (PHYS 202 and PHYS 207). Students engage in problem solving in a cooperative learning environment to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and applications presented in Physics II. Carefully planned activities are tailored to a peer-led team learning format consisting of small groups of students. The group work and the process of articulating and discussing ideas within a problem based context is beneficial to all students involved. The content of the seminar is closely tied to the content of College Physics II (PHYS-202) and University Physics II (PHYS-207). The list of specific modules to be discussed can be found on the syllabus page. 1.0 Credits.
Registration in PHYS-212 is restricted to students who are currently enrolled in either PHYS-202, or PHYS-207.
Dr. Paulo Acioli,, Office: S217C
Peer Leaders
Steve Burkland Sumira Phatak
Meeting Time and Place
DayTime PlacePeer Leader
Monday3:00-5:00 SCI-209 Burkland
Friday3:00-5:00 SCI-209Phatak
No text is required. Module handouts may be downloaded from the syllabus page
Learning Outcomes
This seminar emphasizes active learning through participation in student-facilitated discussion sessions to improve student's conceptual understanding of physical concepts and to real-life problems of the physical universe and enable better performance in the Physics I courses.
Grading Policies
The final grade will be based on class participation, activities and attendance.
Attendance is mandatory.
Academic Integrity
The NEIU policy on academic integrity can be found here.
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