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Physics Major Requirements

Required Core Courses: 31 cr.

PHYS-206L * University Physics I  5 cr.
PHYS-207L * University Physics II   5 cr.
PHYS-305 Modern Physics I3 cr.
PHYS-306 Modern Physics II3 cr.
PHYS-308 Introductory Mathematical Physics  3 cr.
PHYS-311 Mechanics I 3 cr.
PHYS-321 Electricity and Magnetism I 3 cr.
PHYS-335 Thermal Physics 3 cr.
PHYS-336 Quantum Mechanics I 3 cr.

Physics Electives: At least 9 cr.

Majors are required to take three additional 300-level physics courses totaling for at least nine hours of credit. At least one must be a WIP course.

WIP: PHYS-307 Modern Physics Laboratory3 cr.
WIP: PHYS-330 Experimental Methods3 cr.

Required Mathematics Courses: 15 cr.

MATH-187Calculus I 4 cr.
MATH-202Calculus II 4 cr.
MATH-203Calculus III 4cr.
MATH-301Ordinary Differential Equations3 cr.

* An equivalent course may be substituted

Cognate Electives: 9-13 cr.

Three of the following STEM Cognate electives. These electives must be chosen from at least two different departments.

CHEM-211Gen. Chem. I 5 cr.
CHEM-212Gen. Chem. II 4 cr.
CS-200Programing I 3 cr.
CS-207Programing II 3 cr.
CS-334Open Source Systems 3 cr.
BIOL-201General Biology I 4cr.
BIOL-202General Biology II 4cr.
BIOL-301Cell Biology 4cr.
BIOL-311History of Science 3cr.
ENVI-301Environmental Methods4 cr.
ESCI-307Climate Change: Evidence, Causes, Effects4 cr.
ESCI-211Physical Geology4 cr.
ESCI-306Rocks and Minerals4 cr.
ESCI-312Historical Geology4 cr.
ESCI-335Meteorology4 cr.
ESCI-337Principles of Hydrology4 cr.
MATH-243Linear Algebra I 3 cr.
MATH-302Ordinary Diff. Eq. II 3 cr.
MATH-303Part. Diff. Eq. 3cr.
MATH-304Numerical Analysis3 cr.
MATH-305Probability and Statistics3 cr.
MATH-328Complex Variables3 cr.
MATH-340Computing for Mathematicians3 cr.

Other University Requirements:

Every Schedule of Classes lists the University requirements for graduation. Please contact the program advisor if you have any questions on these requirements.

Transfer credit information:

Physics courses taken from other institutions inside the U.S. usually transfer with no problem. We will need to see a catalog description, syllabus and the name of the textbook used for any course taken at another institution and any Physics courses taken at institutions outside the U.S.

The College of Arts and Sciences has a rule that states only 9 hours of Physics transfer credits can be applied towards an Physics minor. Remember that the University requires a grade of C or better in any course applied toward the major or minor.

Preparing to Graduate

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Application for Graduation
Contact your Advisor well in advance of the deadline to get an Academic Course Record.
Major Academic Course Record Form
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Contact your Advisor well in advance of the deadline to get an Academic Course Record.
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