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Physics Minor

Minor Program Requirements:

Required CoursesAlso satisfies
PHYS-206L University Physics I* 5 cr. General Education: NSL
PHYS-207L University Physics II* 5 cr. General Education: NSL
PHYS-305 Modern Physics I 3 cr. Engaged Learning: ELE-DS
PHYS-306 Modern Physics II 3 cr. Engaged Learning: ELE-DS
One 300-level physics courses of at least 3 cr. -
Total19 cr.

*PHYS-206 may be substituted by PHYS-201 and PHYS-207 may be substituted by PHYS-202

All 300-level courses in Physics are offered in the evening

Students are strongly encouraged to take the required 200-level physics courses, as well as MATH 107 (Calculus I) and MATH 202 (Calculus II) as early as possible, since these are prerequisites for almost all of the 300-level physics courses.

The Physics Minor for NEIU STEM Majors

University Requirements

Our minor program is constructed to help you satisfy university requirements for graduation.

Transfer credit information

Physics courses taken from other institutions inside the U.S. usually transfer with no problem. We will need to see a catalog description of any statistics course taken at another institution and any Physics courses taken at institutions outside the U.S.

The College of Arts and Sciences has a rule that states only 9 hours of Physics transfer credits can be applied towards an Physics minor. Remember that the University requires a grade of C or better in any course applied toward the major or minor.

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