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PHYS 201 - College Physics I Laboratory

Equipment List

Equipment listed is for each of eight (8) identical student table stations unless otherwise noted .

Lab 1: Introduction to Motion

Lab 2: Position, Velocity, and Acceleration

PHYS 201 Lab 2

Lab 3: Vectors

PHYS 201 Lab 3 No equipment needed - software only

Lab 4: Force and Acceleration (Fall/Spring Semesters)

Lab 4.5 (Summer Only): Force and Acceleration

Lab 5: Gravity (Fall/Spring Semesters)

PHYS 201 Lab 5 Note 1:  Balls are in cabinet ML-3.

Lab 6: Work and Energy

Lab 7: Conservation of Energy

Lab 8: Newton's Third Law and Conservation of Momentum

Note: Be sure stoppers have some clearance all the way around so they don't rub on cart.

Lab 9: Equilibrium

Lab 10: Archimedes Principle and Buoyancy

Lab 11

Lab 11: Standing and Resonance Waves

Lab 11 Note 1:   This is a complicated set-up; there are more pictures to look at.
Note 2:   Set the 'fork' of the mechanical vibrator about 26cm away from the hook holding the end of the string. This maximizes the oscillation amplitude.
more pictures

Lab 12: Energy Transfer and Temperature Change

Lab 12 Note 1:  Bring out Corn Oil, set on paper towels.
Note 2:  Put out 2 spare immersion heaters on instructor's bench.

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