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The EPA's role in air monitoring, sensors, and the Village Green

Marta A. Fuoco

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency R5

Air & Radiation Division

The Village Green Project is a community-based activity to demonstrate the capabilities of new real-time monitoring technology for residents and citizen scientists to learn about local air quality. The goal of the project is to provide the public and communities with information previously not available about their local air quality and engage communities in air pollution awareness.

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Marta A. Fuoco is a Physical Scientist with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5 Air and Radiation Division. Marta has an MS in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health. At EPA, Marta’s work involves ambient air monitoring and data analysis. Marta’s innovative work with Next Gen Geospatial Monitoring of Air Pollution - mobile monitoring of methane, hydrogen sulfide, and BTEX has led to dramatic emissions reductions in communities. In addition, Marta has worked on promoting citizen science and sensor technology, collaborating with ORD to deploy and operate the first Regional Village Green bench in an impacted community in SE Chicago, and designing a sensor loan program in the region that enables the public to learn about local air quality in their communities.