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SPS Elections

Northeastern Illinois University
Society of Physics Students

The National Constitution & Bylaws of of the Society of Physics Students, and our local Chapter bylaws mandate that elections take place by closed ballot, and that open nominations are held at a meeting one month prior to elections.

Election Process

  1. Open nomination held at a meeting one month prior to elections.

    If you wish to be nominated to run for an SPS office you must be a student member of the Society of Physics Students as defined in Article VIII, Section 1 of the National Constitution.

  2. Eligibility of Candidates Verified.
  3. Ballots Prepared and Distributed:
    Closed Ballot
    A closed ballot is on in which no one will ever know who you voted for. For example, emailing your vote to a designated person would not be a closed ballot system. The double envelope system is a reliable and popular closed ballot system.
    Double Envelope System
    1. Obtain an official ballot and two unmarked envelopes. Ballots will be emailed to SPS members. Additionally you may pick up a ballot from the SPS advisor, or at the meeting in which elections will take place.
    2. When you receive your ballot, mark your choices and then place your paper ballot in an unmarked envelope. Do not write on this envelope!
    3. Next seal this unmarked, (inner) envelope inside an (outer) envelope. You should sign (mark) the outer envelope so that your signature runs across the seal of the closed envelope.
  4. Ballots are collected at a meeting one month after the open nominations.

    Students unable to attend this meeting should bring a photo-ID and give their ballots to the SPS Advisor or a faculty member designated as a ballot collector before this meeting. The designated ballot collectors is the Chapter Advisor. No one but a designated ballot collector may bring a ballot to the election on your behalf.

  5. Names on the outer envelopes are verified against the official SPS membership list.
  6. The inner envelopes are removed and shuffled to preserve anonymity.
  7. Ballots are removed from the inner envelopes and counted. The outcome of the election is determined by a simple majority.
  8. Results Announced. New officers assume office immediately.
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