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Dr. Paulo  H. Acioli
Northeastern Illinois University
Physics & Astronomy

Office: BBH 217C
phone: (773) 442-4733

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My general research interests are in the areas of theoretical (computational) condensed matter, atomic and molecular, and cluster physics. In particular I am interested in the study of electronic correlation in many-electron systems, the study of vibrations and rotations of molecules and the understanding of the electronic and magnetic properties of small systems such as nano-clusters. These investigations are done using ab-initio density functional theory and quantum Monte Carlo methods.

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  NSF-IUSE Grant 

Peer Enhanced Experiential Research in STEM (PEERS)

A proposal to the National Science Foundation by Professors Acioli (Physics), Head (Earth Science), Nicholson (Chemistry), Filus (Mathematics), and Sztainberg (Computer Science) to advance the research skills of undergraduate majors in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) at NEIU has been funded. This will be accomplished through the inclusion of hands-on research activities, expansion of computer simulations, and most importantly, through the use of peer mentors to facilitate these activities, in the introductory 200-level courses in Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

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